We are building the ultimate versatile Humanoid Platform!


Tobor Robotics seeks to combine the best of Design, 3D Manufacturing, AI, and Biomechanics to build Robots to perform everyday Human Tasks.



Tobor Robotics is a cutting edge robotics firm focused on in house activities, chores, & care. We present the TIE product line of humanoid robots. The minimum viable product TIE–1 will be built in Phase 1 of the company’s multi-phase roll out as a proof of concept shell platform that will be the basis on incremental improvement. Subsequent phases of development will provide the TIE line the ability to perform home based tasks, learn various household chores, and as a health care provider for the growing elder population. The TIE–3 (Phase 3) platform will be made available for purchase or rental to individuals and/or companies.

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